Live Entertainment

February 27th & 28th
Jack Willhite

Jack Willhite has one of the most exciting comedy acts on tour today! Jack's performance is hilarious, fast-paced and unpredictable. Willhite offers up a tour-de-force of costume changes, props and musical parodies in a one-of-a-kind show you don't want to miss!!! Whether it’s ZZ Top, Alice Cooper and Robert Plant as TV Sitcom stars, or a Halloween visit to the homes of Ozzy Osborne, Jim Morrison and Axl Rose, this versatile performer's blend of crazy characters, observational comedy and music is sure to put a hefty spin on your funny bone!

March 6th & 7th
Scott Novotny

Scott Novotny has been in the comedy "business" for over 20 years. He is quickly becoming the most sought-after entertainer for corporate parties, awards banquets and conventions throughout the Midwest. He has the ability to play to a wide range of audience members while keeping the performance professional and appropriate.
A versatile performer, Scott headlines comedy clubs throughout the United States, has acted in numerous stage productions, worked at the "Brave New Workshop" as an improvisational actor/writer, owned and operated The Comedy Cabaret-- MN's first fulltime comedy theatre, and has written for "Saturday Night Live" and the comic strip, "Strange Brew".

March 12th, 13th & 14th
Special Event with Angel Salazar

Angel Salazar is a Cuban-American comedian and actor. “My act is a sexual experience…written by Edgar Allen Poe!” Angel Salazar, the man most known as Chi Chi from “Scarface” describes his stand-up act as only he could. A hurricane of hilarity, the pop culture icon has been performing stand-up since the early 1980s with a one of a kind show. Combining stand-up, improv, props and costumes, Angel turns a headlining act into a energetic live action event. Much like the catchphrase he has been using since his beginning in the business, a comedy fan must “sheck it out!” Angel has played many major roles including parts in Scarface where he played Chi Chi next to Al Pacino and Carlito’s Way as well as Where The Buffalo Roam with Bill Murray, Punchline with Sally Fields and Tom Hanks, also the cult film The Wild Life with Christopher Penn. He has opened for the Beach Boys, Billy Ocean, Whitney Houston, Van Halen and The Miami Sound Machine.

March 19th, 20th & 21st
Special Event with Paul Bond

Paul Bond is a Long Island born stand up comic who’s worked his way up the New York comedy scene and now headlines at comedy clubs across the country. Paul is also an accomplished musician and song parody writer and produces numerous songs for syndicated comedy radio shows nationally with his own company Air Sick Productions. His regular appearances on radio shows such as Roger & JP in the Morning, Wakin’ Up with the Wolf, Ron & Fez and Opie and Anthony have proven him to be a quick witted personality that’s welcomed on the air. Paul recently completed a National Comedy Tour with Jim Breuer as a host, special guest and as a guitar player in Breuer’s back-up band.

March 27th & 28th
Special Event with Keith Barany

Keith Barany is a nationally headlining stand-up comedian with a Nobel prize in his family. The NY Post called him "the wittiest comedian working”. Though raised in Manhattan NY, he relates most to the reason and common sense of the Midwest.

Keith has shared the stage with: Bob Hope, Jerry Seinfeld, Joan Rivers, Ray Romano, Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller, Joy Behar, Lewis Black & Ray Charles among many others. 

In contrast to the shocking subjects and language on THIS show, Keith makes his living performing comedy for groups, fundraisers and conferences that like their comedy, PG-rated. And he’s happy to give it to them, as long as he can do this show online, too.

April 25th
The Room Screening

What’s the best part about bad movies? Making fun of them is the answer. That's right, we're showing another screening of "The Room" with a special appearance by one of the actors! Much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Room attracted a cult following which involves dressing like the characters and the movie and spoon throwing, so come prepared with an open mind and a plastic spoons in hand and join us as we make fun of what has been labeled as one of the worst films ever made! Learn more about The Room by visiting